Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Has Our Time Gone?

Well, it's been a while...where do I begin with so much to tell. Since I last posted life has flown by. We went to the youth fair, had two local horse show, Easter, end of the year program, Area B horse show, two birthdays, Mother's Day, and a trip to the beach while trying to rescue numerous animals along the way. I also forgot two field trips. Some days I don't know how we fit all this stuff in our schedule. The youth fair horse show was fun as always. The boys both did well. Just placed 2nd in Halter and Trist placed 3rd in Jr. Showmanship. We also got to watch Brooke show her heifer as well as watch Am, Dalton, and Lane show their steers. As for the horse shows, can't tell you how they did until after the awards ceremony. That will be a post all of its own.

We spend Easter with my family. It was nice to visit with my grandmother and aunts as well as cousins. We hid around 350 eggs for two little boys to find. Then they hid some for the adults to find.

Well, we have finished with co-op and had the end of the year ceremony. It was great! They had a short and sweet program with an ice cream social afterwards. We also had two cool field trips. Trist was able to go to the Santa Fe Zoo after his class had studied about animals. They had a blast. One of our Mom's contacted GPD and ASO and had the K9 unit and helicopter fly in. You should have seen the kids face when they flew in. The best part is one of the dad's from our co-op is a GPD officer and was able to fly in with the helicopter. They did a great job talking with the kids about their jobs and how to be safe.

This is getting pretty long, but I am trying to get it all covered. In April, the boys took me to Cedar Key for my birthday. I think this was more for Michael than myself. We had lunch at Sea Breeze and then just wondered around the town. We went to the museum and Shell Mound. It was fascinating to see all the mounds of shells there. When we arrived back home we had chocolate cake that they had brought from the Train Station! It was delicious!!!!

Boy was May a busy month. We celebrated Tristan's 9th Birthday, Mother's Day, Area B, and went to the beach. Tristan felt a little cheated this year because we had Justin's Area show and Mother's Day on the same weekend. He thought I had enough authority to change Area B to another weekend. Justin earned enough points at Area to continue on to the next level, which is State. State just happens to be in the middle of July in Tampa. This will be his first year being eligible to attend Southern Regionals, which will be in Little Rock. He hopes to be in the top 42 from the state so that he can go to Regionals. He figured we would be somewhere close to half way to Montana and just maybe his dad will let us travel on out to visit family there! I'm crossing my finger because I sure want to see those precious nieces and nephews!

Well, I will try to do a better job at keeping up to date with our family and our blog! Thanks for reading!!!!