Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Attempt

Well, here it is…my first attempt at this blog stuff. After talking with Kimberly several times and my nieces moving away to Montana, I guess it is a good time to try to blog to keep in touch with everyone. Kimberly says that I will be come addicted to blogging. Wow! I am so thankful that the boys got their record books completed and turned in. Hallelujah!!! Tristan’s comment was “Mom, you have made me write so much that my hand is about to fall off and my wrist is killing me!” I enjoyed watching him pick out pictures for his visual story. He was very careful which ones he chose. We had our whole dining room table covered in pictures, stickers, paper, scissors, tape, and pens. Justin was a little sad that this would be the first time in six years that his Aunt Jenn was not here to help him with his visual story. She has been an inspiration and motivation for him to get his visual story completed. Well, needless to say~ he wouldn’t take my advice and he did them all himself, which made me proud and I didn’t have to complain to get him through. I know that even though she is thousands of miles away in Montana, she would be proud that he used the lessons she had taught him to finish. We had printer issues which Michael implied that we were having them becuase we were running late. He said he knew it must have been bad when he could hear me outside telling the kids we were gonna be late if that crazy printer didn’t start printing soon! Well, we ended up being 45 minutes late to turn the books in with Justin’s on a travel drive praying that our extension agent would be willing to allow us the use of his printer. Thankfully when we arrived they were still putting away exhibits, so the record books were turned in so they can be judged Tuesday night.

After we let there we drove over to the Horse Teaching Unit to watch some of the Jr. Angus Field Day. I enjoyed watching the kids and talking with the Hines’. Charlee is my kind of girl. She made me laugh at some of comments she made about the cows and the kids. Katie did an awesome job on the photographs she had taken. I still think she needs to turn them into the Farm Bureau Photo Contest. Way to go Katie! As we left there it was on to the Road House for dinner and then to work at the theatre. Wow~ we sure were tired when we finally got home.

Hope you have a blessed week!

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  1. Great first post.... the more posts you read , the more ideas you'll steal. I have a 100 ideas running through my head but never actually put them in a post. Maybe one day we'll be the best bloggers.